Packing Saver

The single most important fluid any spray equipment owner should be using.

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All Delta First products are designed for use with all brands of airless paint sprayers Over the years, Delta First has worked with every one of the spray equipment OEM’s, and understands what is necessary to meet their equipment requirements. We understand that most equipment manufacturers want to sell you their brand of fluids (so as to maximize their own profits, and to insure the quality of the fluids that go into their equipment). But we also can assure you that the fluids we sell meet (and in many cases exceed) the performance abilities of the fluids you would buy direct from the manufacturer. A list of equipment manufacturers we have done business with includes:

  • Graco
  • Titan
  • Airlessco
  • AccuSpray
  • ITW/Binks
  • SpeedFlo
  • ASM
  • Wagner


(Note: This list is not meant to imply that we supply all the fluids sold under those brand names. Our relationship with the OEM’s is valuable to us, and we do not disclose exactly what products we supply to what OEM’s, but we do have a clear understanding from working with them all over the years of what the chemical needs are in these fluids.)


Some people feel all pump protectors are alike. They are not. It is possible to devise different formulations for different problems in the field. Over the years, Delta First has developed two specific types of pump protectors to deal with the different problems in the field. Our standard Pump Protector is used for every day applications across the country, where it is diluted (4 oz per gallon) and used as a final rinse in the field. It contains lubricants and rust inhibitors that will be left behind in a very thin film after the rinse, to prevent rust and help keep the lines flexible. It will in no way affect paint that is added to the lines the next day. It has been in use in the field for well over a decade now with superb results.

Our heavy duty Pump Protector LT uses a very different rust inhibitor technology to solve a different problem. Originally developed for an OEM who wanted it to use in equipment after manufacture that might be stored for months at a time, it was designed using a rust inhibitor that is completely liquid. Most rust inhibitors are really salts of one kind or another, in solution. But in our Pump Protector LT we use a unique liquid rust inhibitor that will never, ever leave any kind of residue in the equipment if it is used for long term storage. The other application that Pump Protector LT was designed for was Low Temperature... it protects down to minus 30 degrees F. So, while it is drawn into the lines like our regular Pump Protector, Pump Protector LT works best for Long Term storage or Low Temperature protection.


This product is marketed by different companies under a variety of names (packing saver, piston lube, etc), but it all has one purpose... it is meant to be added to the wet cup of an airless paint sprayer to help protect the bearings and packings from damage. As any painter knows, the airless spray process creates millions of droplets of spray paint in the air. Some of these drift on the air, and they land everywhere (or so it seems!). But these paint droplets can cause abrasions and premature wear on the delicate packings that surround the piston of the sprayer. This product is meant to keep the packings dry at all times, and to keep them as free as possible of paint droplets.

We offer this product in two popular sizes, 8 oz and 32 oz, and in both cases they come with a nozzle tip to make getting the fluid into the wet cup easier.


Hydraulic oils are marketed by every major oil supplier in the world. Delta First works with a variety of oil suppliers in our area, working with them to always obtain the best product at the best price, and to insure availability even in times of tight supply. Accordingly, the oil we supply may be an Exxon-Mobil oil, or it may be a Shell oil, or a FINA oil, or any variety of other quality suppliers. But, it will always meet the specifications of the OEM suppliers of spray equipment, and usually exceeds those requirements by a wide margin.

Our spray gun lube is designed to keep paint from drying in the crevices of a spray gun, helping keep your equipment clean and able to operate longer.

Our hydraulic oil is an AW-32 oil with anti-wear, anti-rust, and anti-foaming additives. It is designed to provide complete protection in normal operating temperatures.

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