Packing Saver

The single most important fluid any spray equipment owner should be using.

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PACKING SAVER (AKA THROAT SEAL and a variety of other names)

Different companies out there use a variety of names for this type of product. It is called throat seal by one well known company, separating oil by another, and other firms use terms such as piston lube, packing saver, and a variety of other similar (albeit confusing) terms.

The chemicals involved are actually different between the various firms who sell this product, but they all focus on the same thing…keeping the packings and the surfaces of the piston clean and free of the abrasives that are contained in the paint itself. All these products are designed to be added to the wet cup of the airless sprayer. From the wet cup, the lubricant is distributed through the packings and piston surfaces to keep these items lubricated and to keep paint from adhering to those surfaces.

This product is the single most important fluid which any spray equipment owner should be using. Failure to do so will lead to premature wear on cylinders, rods and upper packings. This in turn will mean your equipment will be going into the repair center more often.

We supply this product in convenient 8 ounce and 32 ounce bottles with a Yorker cap (small nozzle tip) which allows you to squirt the product directly into the wet cup even in hard to reach sprayers.

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