Packing Saver

The single most important fluid any spray equipment owner should be using.

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Delta First offers a complete line of pump protectors, throat seal and lubricants for your commercial airless sprayer needs. Delta First has been in the pump protectors, throat seal and lubricants business over 20 years, and backs all its products fully. We have backed this with R&D using research chemists, supported by outside lab testing of our formulations. Add real world experience in the field, and you have a solid set of pump protectors, throat seal and lubricants formulations that WORK!

Our primary objective has been to help our customers maintain their equipment and keep it operating. We understand that downtime can be extremely expensive. In addition, we understand that regular maintenance of airless sprayers is necessary, but that our product should help make spray equipment repair quick and easy rather than the expensive task it can become if rust occurs or if pump packings are damaged. Our line of pump protectors, throat seal and lubricants is designed with those objectives in mind.

Delta First products have been used by many major nation-wide retail paint companies in the United States and are sold by major distributors across the country. In addition, our products are often sold via the equipment manufacturer as OEM product. Our products are in use in every state in the continental US and Canada and some overseas countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Our line of paint products includes two types of Pump Protector, which are designed to be run through the paint lines as a final rinse and will leave a light film of lubricant in the lines to keep the hoses flexible, and to prevent rust. Our Pump Protector LT is like our Pump Protector, but has very unique rust inhibitors so that it is ideal for long term storage (or low temperature protection)…hence the LT in its name. We also offer a throat seal we sell under the name Packing Saver, to help protect the packings around the piston in the airless sprayer. We further offer a line of oils, ranging from the hydraulic oil to pressure washer pump oil to 10W30 oil.

Our products are used in primarily on airless spray equipment, and to a lesser degree on pressure washers. Because we often manufacture for the OEM's as well, we can say with assurance that our products are compatible with all makes of airless sprayers and pressure washers on the market today. MSDS sheets are available for all our products, and we also do carry product liability insurance.

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