Packing Saver

The single most important fluid any spray equipment owner should be using.

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Delta First was actually started over 20 years ago in New England as a small tire sealant supplier. We relocated to Tampa, Florida, way back in the late 80's. If the story we have heard is correct, one day one of the Delta First marketing managers was giving a seminar in a hotel conference room. His topic was on preventing rust on commercial tire rims. A Wagner sales rep wandered into this conference room by mistake, but got interested because Wagner was having trouble with rust in its line of airless sprayers. That lead to a discussion after the meeting, out of which came the first Delta First paint product, Wagner Pump Saver. (Note, after supplying this product for a number of years, Wagner decided to take its supply and its trademark on this item in house and we no longer make this.)

In 2001, Delta First was sold to new management, and they brought in a totally different approach to doing business. With life-long experience in the corporate world, the new ownership understood what most businesses were looking for from a supplier. With a focus on building long term relationships and developing their business for long term success, rather than any short term opportunities, Delta First has now begun to emerge as a hungry young competitor in this industry niche.

Facilities were upgraded with a move to Atlanta in 2002. Focus was on reliable customer service and on-time shipments. Formulae were reviewed and analyzed, both with outside labs and in working with key customers. Virtually every formula has been improved, in many cases dramatically so. Relationships were built with customers, with key members of the Delta First staff often visiting with our customers over the years to insure we understood their needs and business issues.

Delta First began to focus on offering a quality product, with excellent customer service, for a competitive price. We have used this same approach in our purchasing and have established long term relationships with our chemical suppliers, so that when tightness occurs in the marketplace, we are assured a supply of key chemicals.

After that initial offering of Pump Saver for Wagner, Delta First has over the years expanded its line into the full line of lubricants and rust prevention products you find today.

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