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Our Pump Protector LT is a fundamentally different product than our regular Pump Protector, or any other pump protector on the market today! What makes this product unique is its rust inhibitor package. Every other product on the market today uses a corrosion inhibitor package that is salt based. This means that if it remains in the equipment over a long period of time, and if some of the fluid evaporates, they leave behind a residue, a film of these rust inhibitor particles (similar to salt). These can interfere with the smooth flow of liquid once the equipment is put back into use. Our Pump Protector LT uses a unique rust inhibitor which is a liquid, and will always remain a liquid. Because of this, even if the carrier fluid evaporates, the rust inhibitor remains in liquid form and will never leave any kind of residue in the equipment.

This unique rust inhibitor also has some other very interesting properties. It leaves behind an invisible, very thin coating (only 1-2 molecules thick) on any aluminum, steel or galvanized steel surfaces it touches. This coating is hydrophobic, which is simply a fancy way of saying that it actually prevents water from touching the metal surface (which means... no rust!).

Pump Protector LT is designed for Long Term storage of equipment, where you need something to protect the equipment when you store it over the winter or for a long period of time. It is also designed as an anti-freeze for Low Temperature protection. It protects down to minus 30 degrees. So, we call it Pump Protector LT where the LT stands for both Long Term storage, as well as Low Temperature protection.

This product is sold in a wide mouth quart, so it can be placed directly under the intake nozzle of an airless sprayer and drawn in just like paint. Draw it in straight (no dilution necessary or recommended…diluting the product may weaken the temperature protection), and simply leave it to protect your equipment and hoses for a full season (or more…this product was designed to provide protection over years of storage if necessary).

Available in either wide mouth quart bottles (12 per case), or bulk containers (pails, drums or totes).

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